A Word Picture — Factors to Consider


  1. Number of people that will live in home
  2. Number of children
  3. List ages of children
  4. Will this be your retirement home?
  5. Does anyone have special needs?


  1. Address of building site
  2. Approximate size of property
  3. Will this home be located in the country or within city limits?
  4. What is the approximate size of the city?
  5. Describe the view from the home and direction.
  6. Will there be zoning or architectural covenants to consider? What are they?
  7. What type of topsoil and underlying material is at the site?
  8. What is the topography of the land? Provide plot plan if possible.
  9. Will you be on a septic system or sewer?
  10. Will you have a water provider or your own private system?
  11. Are you in a seismic zone? Any other special conditions?
  12. Describe generally the weather patterns in your area.


  1. What style of home would you like to create both on the inside and outside? Ranch, Adobe, Spanish modern, etc..
  2. Is there a particular design you are interested in? Which one?
  3. Size of dome or square feet you are considering
  4. What type of profile do you like? It might be low and stretched out or high with a loft or second floor, compact, flowing, etc.
  5. What shape fits best on your building site?
  6. Will the garage be attached or separate?
  7. Will the garage be conventional construction or a dome?
  8. Would you like your windows and doors with inset construction or with augments?
  9. What color would you like? Sandstone is our most popular, but we also stock eggshell and white. Other colors are available with a 10% extra charge for ordering.


  1. Do you do a lot of entertaining?
  2. What type of entertaining do you prefer, formal or informal?
  3. Do you prefer inside sit down entertaining, or outside casual?
  4. What size groups do you normally entertain?
  5. What would be the maximum and minimum number of guests?
  6. Are there usually a lot of children attending?
  7. Does entertaining include specials, such as movies, games, pool?.
  8. Do you do a lot of cooking?
  9. Do you want a second floor?


  1. How many bedrooms?
  2. What are the approximate sizes of bedrooms?
    • Master
    • Second
    • Third
    • Fourth


  1. How many bathrooms?
  2. Size of bathrooms
    • First
    • Second
    • Additional


  1. Will there be a table in the kitchen and/or snack bar and/or breakfast nook?
  2. Will you need a pantry? Describe it.
  3. Will the laundry be in the kitchen or a separate utility room?
  4. Or would you prefer a “great room” with dining/kitchen and living areas combined?


  1. What size closets would you like?
  2. Standard or walk-in? Square feet?


  1. Is this a pay-as-you-go project?
  2. What are your minimum and maximum prices for this investment?
  3. What do you expect your monthly payment to be including taxes and insurance?