Floor Plans by Series

Right now, Monolithic offers 18 different Series of floor plans. Each Series offers something special. For example, the Io Series features efficiency floor plans, while the Orion Series has straight walls and the Ganymede Series presents dream homes with double-domes.

“Ganymede” Series

The Ganymede Series is a collection of floor plans with double-domes, connected by a conventional hallway.

“Hyperion” Series

The Hyperion Series consists of a triple-dome layout that features extending “saddles” between each of the domes. These saddles give the transition between domes a smooth, elongated look. Hyperion floor plans range from 1,600 to 4,000 sf and feature one-, two-, three-, four-, five-bedroom designs and a multi-level floor plan.

“Orion” Series

The Orion Series is a unique, straight-wall floor plan for a dome-home that could encompass two, three, four or five bedrooms.

“Europa” Series

The Europa Series of dome-home plans presents a layout of four, 32’, intersected domes. The choices are four-, five- and six-bedroom homes.

“Triton” Series

The Triton Series is a triple design. It features primarily three- and four-bedroom plans. Square footage in this series ranges from 1500 to 3800 sf. The Triton Series also includes a one-bedroom “Tiny Triton” with 615 sf.

“Gemini” Series

The Gemini Series of dome-home floor plans features adjoining, double-dome designs. Three-, four- and five-bedroom designs are available.

“Atlas” Series

The Atlas Series features domes in the 60- to 69-foot diameter range. In this series the choices are three-, four-, five-bedroom dome homes and some multi-level plans.

“Rigel” Series

The Rigel Series of floor plans is also 50 to 59 feet in diameter. They are two-story cousins of the Callisto Series. These multi-level floor plans feature from one to six bedrooms.

“Callisto” Series

The Callisto Series of floor plans has diameters ranging from 50 to 59 feet. Available designs: two-bedroom, three-bedroom, four-bedroom, a platform design dome and a four-plex as a rental option.

“Miranda” Series

The Miranda Series consists of floor plans that are 45 to 49 feet in diameter. Floor plan options include two-, three-, four-bedroom and multi-level designs.

“Janus” Series

The Janus Series features 40- to 44-foot diameter floor plans. These designs are one-, two- and three-bedroom homes. Some multi-level options are also available.

“Ariel” Series

The Ariel Series of floor plans has diameters of 36 to 39 feet. With one-, two- and three-bedroom options, the Ariel Series offers many cozy designs.

“Luna” Series

The Luna Series of floor plans is 33 to 35 feet in diameter and features one-, two- and three-bedroom options.

“Oberon” Series

The Oberon Series has a diameter of 32 feet. These petite dome designs make the most of space. They include one-, two-, three-, four-bedroom floor plans and a four-plex design as a rental option.

“Elara” Series

The Elara Series, also known as “Cozy Cottages,” has floor plans with diameters of 30 to 31 feet and has both one- and two-bedroom designs.

“Io” Series

The Io Series of floor plans includes our small studio domes that range from 20 to 29 feet in diameter. These floor plans are designed as efficiency, one-bedroom and two-bedroom dwellings.