The Vanguard School charters K-12 education in new Monolithic Dome

Walkway to dome

Walkway to main entrance at The Vanguard School’s new Monolithic Dome facility. (Tatiana Crandall)

The Vanguard School logo

The Vanguard School complete logo shows proudly on the other side of the structure. (Tatiana Crandall)


Lockers line the hallways between classrooms. (Tatiana Crandall)


A typical classroom inside the dome. (Tatiana Crandall)

Monolithic Dome roof

Students walking the hallways can see past the ceiling tiles to the Monolithic Dome roof above. (Tatiana Crandall)

Microscopes in the lab

Microscopes line tables in the laboratory classroom. (Tatiana Crandall)

Classroom windows

Natural light shines through the classroom windows. (Tatiana Crandall)


Clean, large bathrooms. (Tatiana Crandall)

Exterior wall

The dome and exterior block wall are tied together internally creating a strong, safe and energy efficient building. (Tatiana Crandall)

The “V” logo

The “V” logo of The Vanguard School over the main entrance. (Tatiana Crandall)