Dave and Mary Spellings’ Palapa Pineapple taking shape in Belize

Inflated Airform

The inflated Airform on the seashore in Belize. (David Spellings)

Scale model

The 1/10 scale model Dave Spellings created while designing his their home. (David Spellings)

Inflated Airform

Inflated Airform with protruding augments for upper windows. (David Spellings)

Inside the Airform

Scaffolding in place inside the inflated Airform. (David Spellings)

First layer of shotcrete

The first layer of shotcrete applied over the rebar, electrical conduits, and polyurethane foam. (David Spellings)

Finished shell

The finished shell for Palapa Pineapple. (David Spellings)

Inside the completed shell

Inside the completed shell looking up through the windows. (David Spellings)

Pineapple gate

Custom pineapple gate in the lower archway of the finished shell. (David Spellings)

Rough cut central support.

Each interior level is supported by a rough-cut beam, like a tree growing through the center of the house. (David Spellings)


Completed stairway to ground level. (David Spellings)

By the seashore

The Palapa Pineapple on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. (David Spellings)