The Complete Pressure Bucket System Ceramic Drip-Filter

The Complete Pressure Bucket System Ceramic Drip-Filter

Pressure System Now Available for Just Water Ceramic Drip-Filter

An addition and improvement

For some time now Monolithic has been processing orders for the Just Water Ceramic Drip-Filter designed by the Texas Baptist Men’s Water Ministry. That group travels to war-torn and disaster-devastated areas all over the world, bringing filters with them that provide potable water.

Now a pressure system option is available for this filter that makes it faster and better.

Comparing gravity drip to pressure drip

At 14 to 17 gallons per day, the gravity drip system is slow. The pressure system produces 60 to 70 gallons of clean water per day.

Pressure must be maintained in the bucket, so the system must be pressurized with an air pump every ten minutes or so. The system also requires a special bucket and lid, one that will seal. A standard bucket and lid generally won’t create the seal required to get the air pressure up in the bucket.

This portable pressure system is specifically designed to increase water flow through the filter. But the filtration process is exactly the same. It’s simply a matter of getting more water filtered per day.

Because it produces clean water faster, the pressure system eliminates the need for several drip-filter systems working simultaneously.

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