For Sale: Existing Monolithic Dome Homes

We have added a new topic on our Bulletin Board website. This new topic is Monolithic Dome Homes for sale. It is a free service. To use it you will have to register on the Bulletin Board. Click here to begin the BBS registration process.

You are welcome to post the dome home that you have for sale and put pictures with it. Items on the Bulletin Board slowly creep down, depending on the number of comments. It is therefore incumbent on you to add to your piece about once a week to keep it fresh. This comment could be more pictures, more information, whatever.

Inappropriate comments will not be tolerated. If we deem a comment or post inappropriate we will delete it and block the user from the website.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would comment on the sale of the property so that others that are tracking it will know that it has been sold.