Utah dome home open house Nov. 5th

Dome home exterior

The exterior of the Arcadia Monolithic Dome from the street. (Dave South)

Dome home exterior

The opposite side of the home, with view of the garage, front door, and porch. (Stewart Ulrich)

Dome home front door

Front door to the home. (Stewart Ulrich)

Dome home entry

The entry to the home. The staircase leads to a loft above the kitchen and living areas. (Stewart Ulrich)

Dome home living area

View from the front door into the home. The living room and kitchen can be seen, as well as the loft above. (Stewart Ulrich)

Dome home windows

Large windows line the side of the living room, giving the home a lot of natural light. (Stewart Ulrich)

Dome home hallway

Hallway from the kitchen to the bedrooms. (Stewart Ulrich)