Cabin full view

A Monolithic Cabin, which can be transported and fitted to different needs. Five are currently for sale.

Cabins up for clearance

Only five cabin shells are left and being sold for clearance. Take advantage of this opportunity while it’s here.

A Monolithic Cabin is like having a miniature Monolithic Dome, but one advantage is that they can be transported. These structures have three inches of insulation and two inches of concrete, as well as an Airform. The floor is made of three inches of concrete over two 8 in x 8 in beams.

Interested in owning one? We have some for sale with a special clearance price.

There are two different models for sale: Model 19 with 201 square feet of floor space, and Model 24 with 266 square feet of floor space. There are four Model 19s for sale and one Model 24. Each Model 19 is on sale for $12,000, original price $23,512. The Model 24 is on sale for $15,000, down from original price of $19,696.

If someone is interested in buying all five models at the same time, they will get a discounted sale price of $50,000. That’s a savings of $13,000.

The Model 19 has dimensions of 11’ 9" width, 10’ height, 18’ 10" depth. The Model 24 has dimensions of 11’ 9" width, 10’ height, 24’ 2" depth.

These cabins can be used for a variety of different purposes: rental unit, shed, workshop, office, studio, game room, and more. There’s no end to what these can be used for, see Monolithic Cabins for ideas.

If interested in purchasing, please contact our sales department via phone at 972-483-7423.

Cabin inside

The inside of one of the cabins.

Cabin side view

A side view of one of the cabins.