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Monolithic Headquarters: Italy, Texas

Image: Monolithic Dome Institute, Italy, Texas

Monolithic Dome Institute, Italy, Texas

Image: Monolithic Airform Manufacturing Plant — This plant is located in Italy, Texas on the campus of the Monolithic Dome Institute.  Read more about Bruco, the Italian Caterpillar.
Image: Monolithic Training Center — The Monolithic Training Center is located on the Monolithic Dome Institute campus in Italy, Texas.  Four times yearly Monolithic Dome construction workshops are held here.
Image: Monolithic Visitors Center — The Visitors Center, located on the Monolithic Campus in Italy, Texas, is always open to the public and features a short video of the Monolithic Dome construction method.  This dome also illustrates the look and feel of the Dome Rentals located in Italy, Milford and Dawson, Texas.
Image: Monolithic Transportable Cabin — The Monolithic Transportable Cabins are available for tour at the Monolithic campus in Italy, Texas.  Manufactured on site and shipped anywhere, these cabins come in 15’, 19’ and 24’ lengths.
Image: Charca Casa — Located on the Monolithic Dome Institute campus in Italy, Texas, Charca Casa is available for tours Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Domes on the Monolithic Campus are available for tour Monday thru Friday from 8am – 5pm.

On October 18 & 19, 2013 we will have our nationwide Monolithic Dome Tour. See entire list of commerical domes available or dome homes available for 2013 National Monolithic Dome Tour.

Owner: Monolithic Dome Institute

Address: 177 Dome Park Place, Italy, Texas 76651

Phone: 972-483-7423 xtn 509 for information about a tour


Bruco: Monolithic Airform Manufacturing Plant Dome

14,000 square feet, seven 60′ × 24′ interconnected domes, 240’ long. Uses a 5 ton a/c unit in the summer and no heat in the winter. Read More…

Europa Style Monolithic Training Center Dome

Used primarily for the Monolithic Dome Workshop. This floor plan could double has a house plan known as the Europa in the Dome Living Book, it is four 32′ × 12′ intersected domes totaling 2,600 square feet.

The Monolithic Headquarters

4,400sf; One 50′ × 21′ dome coated with a Duro-Stucco chainshell coating made by UCSC. interconnected with two 40′ × 16′ domes which have a chainshell coating using H&C Concrete. Also a 40′ × 16′ low profile dome is attached by a breezeway style awning.

The Monolithic Visitors Center Dome

20’ diameter, 314 square feet. Open 24 hours and offers a short video on the Monolithic Dome building process. It is an Io-20 that is the same floorplan of the rental units we offer.

The Monolithic Transportable Cabins

In 15’, 19’ and 24’ lengths, inside is about the size of a large motel room and can include a bathroom, kitchen a single or double bed and a closet or finish out yourself. Read More…

The Unishell

20’ diameter Ecoshell II. Used to demonstrate the viability of domes as housing in developing, equatorial countries. This shell meets the space requirements as determined by the United Nations.

Monolithic Equipment Manufacturing and Storages

60′ × 20′ dome using a copper Airform, four 32′ × 13′ dome clean storages, and two 40’ low ellipsoid domes

Charca Casa

The residence of David B. South, President of the Monolithic Dome Institute. It is two 40′ × 16′ domes connected by a conventionally built breezeway. It features four bedrooms, three baths, kitchen, dining, living room, family room, office and a loft in 2,700sf. Read more…

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