Monolithic is looking for sales people to sell Monolithic Cabins

The Monolithic Cabin is a special type of structure, built to be transported to virtually any site for almost any use. For instance, for folks who want a fishing cabin or a hunting cabin moved to their spot on the lake or in the mountains, the Monolithic Cabin is ideal. It is ideal for many reasons, not the least of which is that it can be moved again at a later time. Moving the cabin is not particularly tough. A crane has to be rented and taken to the site to pick up the cabin. Such cranes are readily available for rent.

People we need to market Monolithic Cabins may already be in the real estate business or in the construction business, or they may be individuals just wanting something extra to do.

In our vision, their responsibilities include: contacting buyers; making arrangements with buyers to transport the cabin to the site; working with buyers to arrange for water, sewer and electrical connections; helping to get a foundation ready; working with buyers to co-ordinate the purchase and delivery.

In addition, if the salesperson does a complete job, including arranging for necessary financing, s/he would collect a commission of six percent.

A salesperson may also arrange with the buyer to do some of the site preparation. For that service, the salesperson will negotiate his or her fee with the buyer.

In some instances, a salesperson may want to be a stocking distributor, and in that case we will need to negotiate different arrangements.

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