Grow Your Food in a Monolithic Cabin Grow-Dome

Why grow your own?

Good question! Can’t we just keep making our weekly stock-up trip to the supermarket? Well of course you can.

But there are some growing (pun intended) reasons not to: 1) Tainted food has become more prevalent; 2) More people means a greater need for food; 3) The price of non-processed food continues rising; 4) Home-grown produce can be picked and eaten at its prime time – not when its green, truck-ripened and flavorless.

Many people would like to grow their own food but simply have no place to do so. Others may have garden space but feel the climate is against them: too warm, too cold, no rain, too much rain, storms and tornadoes, too short of a growing season.

A Monolithic Cabin Grow-Dome

In a Monolithic Cabin, food can be grown 365 days a year. But make no mistake – this is not a greenhouse. It’s an enclosed, climate controlled Monolithic Cabin. As such, it can be:

  • Easily maintained at a specific temperature
  • Utilized during the entire year
  • Cleaned and hosed down
  • Outfitted with trays to grow food hydroponically or in soil

Other Advantages

Typically, only 10% of the water used to grow food outdoors is needed to grow it indoors.

A Monolithic Cabin is energy efficient and can maintain a specific temperature with a minimum of heating or air conditioning. That eliminates the worry of plants either freezing or burning.

Light necessary to grow the food can be supplied by a LED system specifically tuned for plant development, a MPS system with a complete solar spectrum in its light or fluorescents. Both LED and MPS use a fraction of the energy that traditional lighting requires. So it’s affordable, and it does not produce unwanted heat.

Note: LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. MPS stands for Microwave Powered Sulfur lamps. Many websites, including Wikipedia, have information on both.