David South is Featured on Utah Radio Show

Backcountry Utah is an outdoor radio program that airs weekdays on six radio stations in cities throughout the state, including Salt Lake City. While segments normally center on outdoor recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, camping and hiking, the show recently focused on Monolithic Domes. Our very own David B. South was the guest, and he used the opportunity to take listeners on a tour of the disaster-resistant domes and cabins.

Grow Your Food in a Monolithic Cabin Grow-Dome

Why grow your own? Good question! Can’t we just keep making our weekly stock-up trip to the supermarket? Well of course you can. But there are some growing (pun intended) reasons not to.

Woodhaven Stable: Where Monolithic Cabin Provides Security

19’ Monolithic Cabin — 19’ Monolithic Cabin at Woodhaven Stables, Allen, Texas

Woodhaven Stable, a day camp for young horseback riding enthusiasts now has a Monolithic Cabin. Owner Jean Schooping said, “One of the big reasons why I wanted it was as a disaster shelter. I used to really panic when I had 30 kids in my care, and we got a storm or tornado warning. Now I can just scoot them into the cabin.”

An At-home Medical Care Cottage: The Monolithic Cabin

Backyard Cabin — A Monolithic Cabin can be designed as a Medical Care Cottage, furnished with the technology and equipment the loved one needs. If 24-hour care is needed, our Model 24 cabin can include a cot for the caretaker as well as a hospital bed.

No one wants to live in a nursing home. Many of us don’t even like visiting one. And most of us hate the idea of arranging such accommodations for someone we love. But is there an alternative? After all, every person confined to such a facility needs some degree of special medical care.

Monolithic Cabins: Perfect for Just About Any Commercial Use

The versatile Monolithic Cabin — Our cabins come in three sizes, have numerous options and are perfect for dozens of uses.

Lately, people have been asking about the possibility of designing and equipping a Monolithic Cabin as a business facility. President David South replies, “If your business needs a structure with 100 to 266 square feet of space, you should definitely consider a Monolithic Cabin.”

New Monolithic Cabin Video

Monolithic Transportable Cabin

Check out this video describing how to build a Monolithic Transportable Cabin! If you didn’t know, the Monolithic Cabin is the newest addition to the Monolithic family. It can be used as a rental unit, eco-housing or granny flat, disaster shelter, workshop, office or studio, game room, vacation dome, exercise room, temporary housing for work crews or home builders, guest house or storage. They can be designed as single living units or combined with others. The list goes on and on! To make it even better, you can transport it!

Do-It-Yourself Monolithic Cabin

Building the actual shell of the Monolithic Cabin takes a lot of specialized equipment, trained manpower and a specialized form called a casting bed. Therefore, we suggest that you consider having Monolithic build the shell and you finishing the Cabin.

Homeless Housing: Monolithic Cabins

Homeless — All across America there is a huge need for housing for the homeless.

Housing for the homeless is a complex problem with no ready-made, easy answer. But despite its complexity, it deserves our attention and consideration. The Monolithic Cabin certainly fits into the category of practical, worthwhile, helpful solutions for our country’s homeless.

Lifting the Monolithic Cabin

Cabin Ready to Lift — Frank gives directions to his father Javier Figueroa, as they lift this cabin off the trailer and set it down onto the concrete blocks.

Lifting the Monolithic Cabin is simple. Here are the instructions so that you can be prepared when receiving yours.