Model-19 Overview

Model-19 Overview

More about the Monolithic Dome Cabin

Multipurposes of Monolithic Cabins

An easily constructed, transportable Monolithic Cabin can be designed and used for many purposes.

  • Getaway Vacation Dome, Hunting or Fishing Lodge – A Monolithic Cabin can be transported to virtually any location for any terrain. You can easily turn it into your personal, permanent “getaway” with all the benefits and advantages of a Monolithic Dome. Once it’s completed and on-site, you can attach awnings and create a shaded, outdoor, eating, relaxing area.
  • Rental Unit – The inside of a Monolithic Cabin is about the size of a large motel room and can include a bathroom with toilet, shower and pocket door; a kitchen with sink, cabinet, hot plate, microwave, refrigerator/freezer; one or two single beds or a fold-out couch and a closet. It’s designed primarily for one person, but can accommodate two. This makes it an ideal rental unit and a very profitable business. Each unit is a private self-contained unit. Noise penetration, either in or out, is negligible. It is the renter’s private castle. Click here to see Rentals!
  • Worker Housing – Literally in thousands of locations, housing is needed for workers building everything from plants to pipelines, at sites that are far from any accommodations. Monolithic Cabins can provide the housing, and if it’s only needed for a few years, the cabins can be moved. Onsite construction of worker housing is expensive. In many cases, it’s more economical to order completed Monolithic Cabins that can be transported and put to use in a very short time. Their rugged construction is also ideal. Depending on fit-out, the cabins can be used as bunk houses, offices, cook shacks, independent living, etc. The Monolithic Cabins’ relatively small need for energy is another plus in remote areas where electricity is furnished by generators.
  • Homeless Housing – Monolithic Cabins can be placed on high-dollar land in cities and moved when appropriate alternatives are met. A design variation that is smaller and suitable for a single homeless individual is available. Again, the cabins rugged construction makes them ideal for tough conditions. Click here to read more about homeless housing.
  • Eco-Housing or Granny Flats – The Web defines these as “small, free-standing, removable housing modules placed on the same lot as a single-family dwelling.” A Monolithic Cabin certainly fits that category. It can provide cozy, comfortable living quarters that cannot be easily broken into. They’re just the place to make granny or grandpa feel welcome, wanted but independent and secure.
  • Disaster Shelter – Like a Monolithic Dome, the Monolithic Cabin can provide protection from natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, heavy storms and tornadoes. To be used against hurricanes, the cabin needs to have shutters over all windows or have hurricane windows. To be used as a tornado shelter, the cabin is to have shutters and be sprayed with 2" thicker concrete. Even without the additional concrete, the cabins are still more disaster resistant than most structures. Click here to read more about how Monolithic Cabins compare to FEMA 361.
  • Guest House – Ben Franklin once quipped that guests are like fish; they begin to smell after three days. No such problem with a Monolithic Cabin! Welcome your visitors to their own, private, pleasingly cooled or heated space in a cabin that can include comfortable sleeping and bath accommodations with or without a kitchen.
  • Workshop – Furnish it with your workbenches, tool cabinets and equipment. It will furnish you with a workshop that confines the noise and mess but provides you with an easily maintained, secure, pleasant, little dome of your own with power, heat or air and a bathroom.
  • Office or Studio – With a Monolithic Cabin, a writer, artist or businessperson can have what novelist Virginia Wolff insisted was a necessity: a room of one’s own.
  • Play or Game Room – Put in a pool table and/or a ping-pong table and/or a card table and/or an electronic game and you have your very own play area, complete with bathroom, refrigerator and microwave.
  • Exercise Room – Get sweaty in your own private Monolithic Cabin where you can also shower and relax.
  • Store – A Monolithic Cabin can be placed into a commercially zoned area and designed as a space-efficient, virtually burglar-proof store.
  • Freezer or Cooler – Super energy efficient – uses 50% or less electricity. Concrete interior makes it virtually indestructible. Totally self contained and simple to service. Great for permanent service.

We will and can modify the cabins to suit the buyers needs. Being made of concrete with the minimum of maintenance, these units will last for centuries. By shipping in the complete unit, we minimize the travel for all the sub trades having to come to what is often a remote site. The cabin is simply lifted off the truck with an appropriate size crane and placed on a simple prepared foundation. The electricity, sewer and water can then be hooked to it.

Minimal land usage

Consider land usage. We find that we need two car spaces for each rental unit. We need one for the renter and one for a visitor, second vehicle, boat or trailer. So the parking actually requires more space than the units. If land is expensive, an apartment house is probably a better alternative. We are designing three-floor walk ups, and ten-story elevator apartment houses. There will be a place for these. But for much of the world, the Monolithic Cabin will be the logical choice.

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